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Sharps Waste Disposal in Dental Surgeries: Best Practices


Sharps Waste Disposal in Dental Surgeries: Best Practices

20 November 2023

Offer safe sharps waste disposal in dental surgeries with Sharpsafe. Learn the role distributors play in ensuring proper waste disposal. Call 03 9458 5118.

Dental surgeries often generate a significant amount of medical waste, which includes sharps waste. This type of waste refers to any object with sharp edges or points capable of puncturing or cutting the skin. Proper sharps waste disposal can protect both dental healthcare workers and the public from potential injuries and infections.

If you are looking to offer and supply hospitals and facilities with the best containers for sharps waste, you must partner with us at Sharpsafe.

Investing in Sharpsafe Offerings

The first step in sharps waste disposal is to use appropriate sharps containers.

At Sharpsafe, our sharps containers are designed to be puncture-resistant, leak-proof, and clearly labelled with the biohazard symbol, making them helpful in disposing of medical waste. For distributors and large retailers like you, you can offer our sharps containers to hospitals and clinics facilitating dental surgeries. You can then advise them to place these containers in easily accessible locations to encourage proper and immediate disposal of medical waste.

Sharpsafe Simplifies Everything

As distributors and large retailers of Sharpsafe sharps containers, you must know how to integrate them into the daily operations of facilities that conduct dental surgeries. After all, we have already simplified everything to keep the operations of your clients smooth and safe.

Since our containers are properly labelled for easy identification and segregation, your clients will never have to worry about cross-contamination. All they must do is separate sharps waste from regular trash and other medical waste. As they dispose of sharps waste properly with our containers, they can help protect the environment and public health. By staying compliant with waste disposal regulations, they can demonstrate their commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

Now, as a seller of our high-quality, healthcare products, you must keep medical facilities updated with the changes and protocols governing sharps waste management, particularly the containers they should maximise. The AS 23907:2023 standard, for instance, specifies requirements for sharps containers required to hold potentially hazardous sharps medical waste. Our containers already comply with these changes, making it easier for you to offer our products.

Open for Distributors and Retailers

Medical facilities that conduct dental surgeries should acquire the best products out there from reliable suppliers to keep their daily operations safe and efficient. Distributors and retailers of medical tools and devices, therefore, should only trust quality suppliers.

Want to get the best sharps waste containers out there? Partner with us now at Sharpsafe. Our containers can keep dental waste safe and secure after disposal thanks to their puncture-resistant composition. Our offerings likewise comply with AS23907:2023 and they are now made from recycled polymers. They also now boast improved penetration resistance and integrated one-hand opening.

When you sell our offerings, you can help dental facilities minimise the risk of injuries and infections associated with sharps waste. You can also help them protect the environment from the harmful effects of medical waste out in the open.