Waste Stream

Cytotoxic Waste

Cytotoxic waste is any waste that has been exposed to cytotoxic drugs or chemotherapy. Special handling and disposal of cytotoxic waste is required as it presents a health risk for anyone in contact with the waste. Cytotoxic drugs are used in cancer treatment and are highly toxic to cells mainly through their action on cell reproduction. Read More

Cytotoxic waste include:

– Equipment used in preparation and administration of chemotherapy
– Syringes, needles, vials
– Gloves, gowns, masks,
– Dressings and bandages
– Vomit, urine and faeces

Segregation of cytotoxic waste

It is vital that cytotoxic waste is clearly segregated from other clinical waste to minimise risk of infection to other patients and healthcare workers.
Sharpsafe range of cytotoxic containers come with protective access lids in 9, 13 and 24 litre containers to ensure minimisation of aerosolisation of cytotoxic waste.

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