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How to Manage Sharps Waste Effectively and Safely?


How to Manage Sharps Waste Effectively and Safely?

10 March 2023

Sharps waste is a type of biomedical waste that is consisting of used sharps, which can puncture or lacerate the skin. Failure to eliminate and dispose of sharps waste effectively and safely can be hazardous and cause injuries or infections.

Exposure to used sharps waste may lead to the transmission of infectious diseases like hepatitis, HIV, and other bloodborne viruses.

Some products that may be treated as sharps waste are needles, blades, syringes, lancets, scalpels, and various sharps surgical and medical instruments. Since they are often utilised for healthcare activities, medical care, emergency services, medical research, and drug administration, they should be disposed of correctly.

Sharps Transport, Storage, and Usage

If you want to ensure that your healthcare or medical facility will be safe from exposure to sharps waste, you must handle them correctly. From transportation and storage to usage and disposal, handling them correctly can protect you, medical professionals, waste handlers, and the general public from any potential danger and health issues.

Sharps must be stored safely, in a medically approved sharps container. When using sharps, make sure that they are pointed away from yourself and others. Avoid leaving sharps unattended, especially if they have not already been placed into a sharps container.

Dispose of Used Sharps Immediately

By following these steps, sharps waste can be managed effectively and safely, reducing the risk of injury and infection to healthcare workers, medical professionals and the general public.

• Use medical-approved sharps containers:Used sharps should be placed in containers specifically designed for this purpose immediately after use. These containers should be puncture-resistant, leak-proof, and labelled with the biohazard symbol. Any cytotoxic waste should be disposed of in an appropriate cytotoxic sharps container

• Correctly fill and close sharps containers:Sharps containers should only be filled up to the fill line, and the lid should be securely closed in the final closure position prior to disposal. Once the sharps container has been finally closed, it is fully secured and will not be able to be opened without substantial force.

• Do not overfill sharps containers:Overfilled sharps containers can cause sharps to fall out and pose a risk to medical workers and waste handlers.

• Never recap or bend needles:Recapping or bending needles increases the risk of injury and should never be done. The needle and the sharp should be separated where possible by using the separation feature of the sharps container.

• Dispose of sharps containers properly:Used sharps containers must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations. They should be collected by an authorized medical waste disposal company, which will transfer the sharps containers to an appropriate facility for treatment and incineration

• Educate healthcare workers:All healthcare workers who use medical sharps should receive proper education and training on how to handle and dispose of them safely. Medical gloves should always be used when handling sharps.

• Implement safety protocols:Facilities should implement safety protocols such as using safety-engineered sharps devices, which can prevent exposure to needlestick injuries.

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