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Sharpsafe 60 Litre Yellow Lid Recycled Polymer Bin

Our 60L container is designed with operating theatres in mind to ensure the safe disposal of longer items used during procedures, such as endoscopy instruments. The container is also perfectly
sized to store catheters.

- 60L Nominal Capacity
- Disposal of used needle exchange containers
- Large Fill Area
- Temporary & Final Closure Feature

- Dimensions: H 670 x W 300 x L 395mm
- Product Label: Standard UK In-mould Label
- Capacity: 60L
- Usable Capacity to Fill Line: 57 Litre
- Product Weight 1.95kg
- Carton Quantity: 10
- Carton Dimensions: H 878 x W 400 x L 610mm
- Carton Volume: 0.214m3
- Carton Weight: 20.9kg

Sharpsafe 60 Litre Yellow Lid Recycled Polymer Bin
Product Code: SH-5186-0432
10 units per sales UOM
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+61 3 9458 5118