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Sharpsafe Sharps Containers: Are Your Containers Compliant to the New Standards?

30 June 2024

Ensure adherence to regulations by investing in Sharpsafe sharps containers. Check if your containers comply with new standards. Call us at (03) 9458 5118.

When it comes to sharps disposal and storage, safety, quality, and regulatory compliance are paramount. Hence, ensuring that your containers meet the latest standards is crucial. Adhering to new container standards is a responsibility that must not be taken lightly. At Sharpsafe, we ensure our containers will always adhere to the standards set by the regulatory bodies.

The Essence of Compliance with New Standards

Sharps containers that adhere to and comply with new standards can provide tons of benefits to users. Some of these benefits are as follows.

• Ensured Safety: Container standards are often updated to incorporate the latest safety measures and technologies. Compliance with these standards helps prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to goods. It also safeguards the well-being of workers and those who handle or transport sharps containers and their accompanying sharps waste.
• Assured Quality: New container standards often incorporate advancements in materials and design that enhance durability and reliability. Compliant containers are less likely to experience structural failures, ensuring the protection of goods and minimising losses.
• Cost Savings: Investing in modern container standards may also provide cost savings by cutting the need for replacements. Since compliant containers already adhere to standards set by the authorities, users do not have to worry about replacing their existing stock anytime soon.
• Minimal Penalties Many industries are subject to strict regulations regarding container safety and quality. Non-compliance can result in penalty units and reputational damage. Staying up to date ensures that containers at least meet these regulatory requirements.
• Futureproofing: Adopting compliant containers not only meets current standards but also future-proofs primary operations. As standards evolve, businesses will be better positioned to adapt to changes and maintain a competitive edge.

Latest Changes for Sharps Containers Standards

At Sharpsafe, we make sure our sharps containers will adhere to the latest changes introduced to the existing standards for these products. The AS 23907-2023, which is specifically adapted for Australia from ISO 23907-2:2019, features standards that will make sharps containers more durable, more recyclable, more functional, and safer.
The colour definition of sharps containers, for one, has been updated to allow recycled polymers to be maximised in producing them. This specific change aims to reduce the amount of virgin plastic that enters the national supply chain in Australia. The penetration resistance of sharps containers, additionally, has been increased from 12N to 20N.
Sharps containers have also been introduced with functional parts to simplify their opening, which can be deemed helpful for those who have their hands full of disposable items. Lastly, the temporary closure of sharps containers can be easily re-opened with one hand. This standard meets the safety requirements of the apertures and closures.
Staying vigilant about container compliance with new standards is a responsible and strategic choice for us at Sharpsafe. It contributes to safety, quality, regulatory adherence, and overall operational efficiency. Regularly assessing our containers for compliance can help us you meet your objectives and build a solid foundation for your operation, especially if you are handling sharps waste.