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Sharpsafe Containers for Sharps Waste: Key Changes Added to Sharpsafe Gen 5

04 December 2023

Explore the role of Sharpsafe containers in managing sharps waste. Get to know the primary changes added to Sharpsafe Gen 5. Call us at (03) 9458 5118 today!

Safety and proper disposal are highly important in environments where sharps waste is generated. One way to dispose them of properly is through Sharpsafe containers, which are intended to achieve secure containment and disposal of sharps waste. They also offer a reliable and safe solution for managing potentially hazardous materials. So, if you want to offer the best containers for sharps waste out there, you must invest in Sharpsafe containers!

Investing in Sharpsafe Containers

Sharpsafe containers are specialised receptacles designed to safely store and transport items like needles, syringes, and other sharp medical or laboratory instruments. They are engineered to prevent accidental needlesticks, contamination, and potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. These containers come in various sizes to cater to different usage requirements.
These helpful containers also contribute to environmental responsibility as they are designed and produced to minimise the impact of sharps waste on the environment through incorporating features such as overfill protection, secure sealing, and recyclable materials.

Major Applications in Healthcare

In healthcare settings, such as large hospitals and specialised medical facilities, sharps waste is a daily concern. Therefore, suppliers like you must offer these facilities Sharpsafe containers to effectively provide a safe and compliant solution for the disposal of needles and other sharps.
Want to know how you can help the healthcare industry? Here are some ways medical and pharmaceutical facilities can take advantage of Sharpsafe containers.

• Patient Care: Healthcare professionals use sharps when administering injections, drawing blood, or performing medical procedures. Proper disposal in Sharpsafe containers can prevent needlestick injuries and cross-contamination.
• Laboratory Settings: Research and diagnostic laboratories handle various sharp instruments and materials. Sharpsafe containers can ensure the safe disposal of contaminated needles, blades, and pipettes, which may only harm people in these places.
• Pharmaceutical Facilities: Drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies generate sharps waste during the production and testing of medical products. Sharpsafe containers play a crucial role in maintaining safety and hygiene standards.

Changes to Sharpsafe Containers

The whole management of sharps waste in various healthcare settings is subject to strict regulations and guidelines. Hence, Sharpsafe containers are designed and certified to meet the most updated requirements, ensuring waste is disposed of safely and in compliance with standards.

The Gen 5 Sharpsafe containers feature changes that make them compliant with the new sharps injury protection standard AS 23907:2023. The first change has to do with the use of recycled polymers, making the containers eco-friendly. Sharpsafe containers also boast increased penetration resistance to further minimise injuries from sharps waste. The opening and temporary closure of these containers have likewise been altered to effectively allow sharps waste to be disposed of without using two hands.

For large retailers, distributors, and bulk buyers, all these changes in Sharpsafe containers assure you that they can address the demands of modern sharps waste management. So, what are you waiting for? Get them now from us at Sharpsafe so you can offer them to your loyal clients.