Sharpsafe for First Responders

Paramedics and first responders attending emergencies utilise Sharpsafe’s single hand-operated sharps containers as they allow them to practice safe disposal of sharps in the most efficient manner. This is also ideal for Hospital In The Home (HITH) services, doctor’s bags as well as nurse practitioners.

Sharpsafe’s slim design fits perfectly into emergency equipment packs while still allowing storage of up to 600 mL.

An additional reinforced base within each container ensures no sharps can penetrate through even under high impact.

The Sharpsafe portable range is ideal for technicians working in underground pits where they can come in contact with exposed needles/syringes.

- Our Sharpsafe range is sustainably made using low-carbon footprint recycled materials
- Specifically shaped to fit in ambulance packs
- Secure during use and transportation

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