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Sharpsafe 0.2 Litre Yellow Lid Recycled Polymer Container

The ultra compact design of the 0.2 Litre Sharpsafe container allows it to fit neatly into a pocket, ideal for both personal and clinical use. This secure and small volume container is suitable for needle exchange programs where community safety is paramount or first-aid kits for single or small volume hazardous waste disposal.

Product Information:
Ideal for First Aid kits & single use purposes
Material: Polypropylene (yellow lid), Recycled Polymer (grey bottom)
Dimensions (mm): 148 (H) x 80 (W) x 36 (D)
Opening (mm): 25 x 20
Unit weight: 55 g

- Welded construction for added strength and safety
- Lid opening with simple pressure with just a single hand
- Flip top lid for temporary and final closure
- In-mould label which cannot be removed, even by autoclaving
- Handle for a safe transport
- Puncture resistance base
- Autoclaving valid to 135°C during 20 minutes for an empty and open container
- Conform to the British and European standards

Suitable for:
- First-aid kits
- Laboratories requiring high/daily turn over
- Personal insulin syringes disposal
- Needle exchange programs of City Councils

Sharpsafe 0.2 Litre Yellow Lid Recycled Polymer Container
Product Code: SH-5173-2430
100 units per carton

For stock information, orders or inquiries
+61 3 9458 5118

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