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Primary Features of Sharpsafe Products - Sharpsafe


Primary Features of Sharpsafe Products

11 January 2023

Explore Sharpsafe products’ key features: safe disposal, durability & design. Ensure proper healthcare waste management. Discover more!

Globally, governing bodies encourage industries to carry out proper waste disposal seriously to preserve the environment effectively. And one of the things industries and people, in general, should know about proper waste disposal is the difference between waste products.

Knowing the classifications of waste products is essential as it ensures that they will be handled optimally. Failure to dispose them of properly may, after all, worsen pollution and cause health effects to communities. One of the waste products one should familiarise with is sharps waste.

An Overview of Sharps Waste

Sharps waste is a type of biomedical waste comprised of products and objects that can lacerate or puncture one’s skin. These things are considered biohazardous waste, which means they should be handled carefully. One of the reasons why they are considered biohazardous is they may bring bacterial or viral dangers to the public, especially if they have been in contact with potentially contaminated or infected blood and are not disposed of properly.

Some examples of sharps waste products are disposable scalpels and blades, contaminated glass, hypodermic needles, guidewires for surgery procedures, empty or broken ampoules, culture slides and dishes, and trocars. Most of these items can be found in hospitals, cosmetic surgical centres, body piercing establishments, tattoo parlours, and funeral homes.

Invest in Sharpsafe Products

If your business is dealing with sharps waste every day, you must ensure that your waste products will be handled and discarded properly. One thing you can do to prevent these things from harming the public is to invest in Sharpsafe products.

Sharpsafe products are manufactured by Sharpsafe, a reputable and licensed manufacturer and distributor of disposable plastic sharps containers throughout Australia. The philosophy of our company is to maintain honest and simple relationships with our clients, making sure we can provide the best solution for their needs. Sharpsafe is the world’s first purpose-designed disposable plastic sharps containers, helping the health industry improve its safety standards for disposable sharps containers.

Sharpsafe’s flagship products are safe, easy to use, and cost-efficient, allowing users to dispose of waste safely and conveniently with one hand whilst protecting them from accidental spillage. These products are made from virgin polypropylene, allowing these containers to resist puncture and other potential damages from sharps waste. They likewise conform with Australia Standards AS 4031-1992, ensuring they can handle integrity and resist elements.

Sharpsafe Products Features

Since sharps waste may vary in size, Sharpsafe has designed a wide range of Sharpsafe products to meet the needs of industries. The size of these products may range between 0.2 litres and 24 litres, allowing industries to handle various waste products.

Despite their size difference, all variations of Sharpsafe products, however, are constructed with polypropylene. This material ensures that they can achieve added strength and safety. Their lid can then be opened with just a single hand. They are likewise autoclavable to 135°C for 20 minutes in an empty, open container. A wide array of buffer elements is also added to make sure that Sharpsafe products will be resistant to punctures.

To purchase these products, you can visit our online store at Sharpsafe.