Sharpsafe in Primary Care

Sharps safety is essential to all that are in contact with or potentially exposed to medical sharps. Compliant procedures must be followed to prevent contamination with any potentially infectious bodily fluids, medicine or chemicals.

Our Sharpsafe range is sustainably made using low-carbon footprint recycled materials.

Dispose of sharps and needles safely, single-handedly and with ease.

Space-saving storage and small benchtop footprint.

At Plascare, our range delivers a variety of sustainably made containers to cater for all users and businesses across Australia that might require a medical sharps disposal solution with an environmental sustainability goal in mind.

Aged care, dentists, GPs, pharmacies and veterinaries who have limited bench space can utilise Sharpsafe’s simple and versatile ‘Safe-Clip’ wall bracket to elevate a wide range of containers off the beach securely. Large opening aperture allows clinicians to dispose of needles, lab ampoules and sharps swiftly with one hand without losing focus on their patient.

Physiotherapy, podiatry, and acupuncture clinics that practice dry needling, benefit from Sharpsafe containers’ rectangular shape design which helps with optimising the collection of waste. Internal safety flaps ensure waste does not fall out in the event of an accidental spillage.

Diabetics and home-based patients undergoing haemodialysis requiring safe disposal of sharps or lancets, will find Sharpsafe containers to be travel-friendly, space efficient and cost-effective.

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