Sharpsafe in Hospitals

Sharpsafe offer hospitals a wide range of solutions for sharps waste and soft clinical waste that are environmentally sustainable and world-class in quality and reliability.

Consistent reliable supply, low cost and environmentally friendly sharps waste solutions provide large healthcare services with peace of mind for continuity of care.

Sharpsafe® Near Patient Sharps disposal (NPSD) is a strategy for reducing needlestick injuries that feature sharps containers designed specifically to be taken to the patient.
Sharps are disposed of at the ‘point of use’ thus eliminating many of the opportunities for needlestick injuries, which inflict a huge additional cost on healthcare services each year.
The Sharpsafe® Protected Access range permits easy and safe disposal of sharps waste via a gated opening, which ensures hands are prevented from entering the container. The range is intended for use primarily in paediatric & public access areas such as outpatients and emergency departments.

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