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How to Handle Clinical Waste - Sharpsafe


How to Handle Clinical Waste

14 April 2023

Clinical waste is defined as infectious waste that is generated through the treatment of medical patients. Such waste can pose a danger to a person’s health if a person or persons is exposed to such waste. Examples of clinical waste include liquids, packaged liquids, non-sharp medical waste, petri dishes, medical gowns, gloves, face masks, and any other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Medical clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities must properly dispose of any products that have been used for clinical treatments, as they may have been exposed to bacteria, germs, and other harmful microbes., Failure to dispose of this waste properly is potentially hazardous to the community and to the environment, if left openly exposed.

To ensure clinical waste is disposed of properly, healthcare institutions and other medical organisations should invest in the purchase of the appropriate waste container.

Sharpsafe currently stocks two types of clinical waste products.

Clinisafe Cardboard Containers 

This is a flatpack cardboard carton made from recycled cardboard.

It is suitable for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), dishes, non-sharp clinical waste and packaged liquid waste.

They are currently available in 12-litre, 25-litre and 50-litre sizes.

Clinisafe cardboard clinical waste containers are made from recycled cardboard paired with integral polyethylene liners with ties for closure. To minimise storage space and reduce transport costs, the Clinisafe cardboard is lightweight and comes already folded flat.

The 12-litre cardboard is 65 percent recycled cardboard, the 25-litre is 70 percent recycled cardboard, and the 50-litre carton is 74 percent recycled cardboard.

The cartons are stackable even when full, and each carton comes with a unique barcode for traceability to ensure it can reach its intended destination.

Clinisafe Plastic Containers

This Clinisafe range is a plastic container made largely from recycled plastic thereby reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint.

It can hold all your clinical waste as well as loose liquid waste. It is not recommended to place sharps waste into this container.

These are currently available in capacities of 30-litre and 60-litre.

They are manufactured from high-quality recycled plastic materials. The lid comes with a temporary and final closure feature to minimise exposure of waste to people and the environment.

Correct Use of Clinisafe Cardboard Containers

Proper disposal of clinical waste is essential to prevent exposure to potentially biohazardous materials within the community, which can harm the environment and cause the spread of disease.

When opening a folded Clinisafe carton, you should loosen the top opening and push the bottom corners inwards to lock the box open. You must then roll the excess of the inner bag over the top lid of the box to ensure the bag will remain open.

Closing the carton temporarily can be done by pushing the front panel inwards and the rear panel over the front to generate a temporary lid. You will still be able to re-open the carton for further disposal of waste. Do not fill the carton beyond the marked fill line. Do not place any sharps into the carton as it may puncture the inner lining of the bag.

Once the carton is ready for disposal or is filled at the fill line, you can perform the final closure.  Gather the edge of the bag and tie it together with the string attached inside the carton. You must then put the knotted neck through the large middle hole while the front panel is pushed inwards. The rear panel should then be folded over the top then tuck the tongue into the slot to lock the carton closed. The side panels can then be folded to create handles for easy transport and disposal of the secured carton.

If you would like to purchase our quality Clinisafe products, please Sharpsafe websie’s online store for further information.