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Clinisafe Cartons: Everything You Should Know


Clinisafe Cartons: Everything You Should Know

07 February 2023

Uncover comprehensive information about Clinisafe cartons. Your guide to safe medical waste disposal. Explore features and benefits today.

Many products in the medical field are stored in plastic containers. One of the reasons behind the use of plastic containers is they are durable against bumps, knocks, and hits. They are also lightweight, which can save tons of energy during the transport of the products.

Plastic containers can also be versatile as some of them can be utilised again, especially if they were only used to transport and store nonhazardous products and nonclinical waste. But for clinical waste, healthcare centres can only utilise disposable plastic containers. While they can be versatile and cost-effective, they tend to introduce more plastic into the environment, making them less environmentally sustainable.

One range of products that can be used as an alternative to plastic containers is Clinisafe Cardboard Cartons.

Features of Clinisafe Cardboard Cartons

Clinisafe Cardboard Cartons are constructed from, as their name implies, cardboard. They, however, contain an additional polyethylene liner with tie closure so they can be more durable and more secure. The build of these cartons and packaging alternatives makes it possible for distributors and suppliers to deliver them folded before their primary use. This feature allows these products to cut transportation costs and minimise storage space requirements.

Aside from lower transportation costs and minimised storage space needs, Clinisafe Cardboard cartons are likewise sustainable. As mentioned earlier, they are made from cardboard. This material, however, is mostly recycled. This material composition allows these items to generate a lower carbon footprint. It also helps users contribute to the betterment of the environment.

Ultimately, Clinisafe Cardboard Cartons can be tracked individually. They feature a unique barcode for traceability purposes, making sure that waste products and others can be tracked whenever they are transported to another place.

Clinisafe Cardboard Cartons Limitation

One thing about Clinisafe Cardboard Cartons that one should account for is they can only work with solid and soft clinical waste and items. They are not effective and suitable for sharps and non-packed liquids. Failure to acknowledge this limitation may only result in unnecessary spillage of waste products that can then yield problems on site.

Buy Quality Clinisafe Cardboard Cartons

If you want to buy quality Clinisafe Cardboard Cartons for your business or facility, you can visit our online store at Sharpsafe.

We are currently selling two size options for these products. These size options are 25 and 50 litres. Both size options are pre-lined with an integral polyethylene bag and ties for secure closure. They are likewise traceable with barcodes to ensure strict infection control and accurate tracking. These products comply with UN 3291 and NFX 30-507 standards. For efficient storage and transport, these cartons can be folded flat and stacked when full.