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6 Important Applications of Sharpsafe Containers - Sharpsafe


6 Important Applications of Sharpsafe Containers

30 January 2023

Discover 6 key uses of Sharpsafe containers. Safe disposal for medical waste. Explore versatile applications for sharps management.

Proper disposal of waste products is very important nowadays as it can enhance the quality of air, water, and soil. It can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimise the extraction of resources, and lessen energy consumption.

One of the things industries, businesses, and others can do to achieve proper waste disposal is to invest in the right containers. Sharpsafe containers from Sharpsafe, for instance, are made from polypropylene which makes them durable and strong against punctures from sharp waste products. They also allow people to open them with just a single hand, making waste disposal a lot easier, especially for those who must deal with tons of waste products. More importantly, these containers conform with Australia Standards AS 4031-1992.

The overall build quality of Sharpsafe containers makes them useful in a lot of applications. Some notable applications of these containers from Sharpsafe are as follows.

1. Laboratories

One of the notable applications of Sharpsafe containers is laboratory work. Laboratories around Australia can take advantage of these containers since they have been designed to store hazardous biological and infectious waste without any issues. The wide opening design of the containers allows researchers, students, and others to dispose of waste without leaving any strain. The containers also have safety flaps to ensure extra safety as well as temporary closure to provide additional security in case of accidental spillage.

2. Primary Care

Establishments and institutions that provide primary care services to people can also benefit from Sharpsafe containers. Aged care, dentists, GPs, pharmacies, and veterinaries can maximise these containers in disposing of waste properly. Even if they have limited bench space, they can still use these containers through their simple and versatile ‘Safe-Clip’ wall bracket. The large opening aperture of these containers then makes waste disposal convenient.

3. First Responders

First responders and paramedics may have to dispose of medical products that they have already used with the patients. And to discard them properly, they can utilise Sharpsafe containers as they can keep them intact without the risk of spilling their content. Even doctors and nurse practitioners can benefit from these containers thanks to their versatility. Aside from the safe handling of products, these containers also boast a slim design and reinforced base, allowing them to be brought around in emergencies without worrying about getting damaged.

4. State Government

Health services like Needle and Syringe Programs, National Immunisation Program Schedules, and others use Sharpsafe containers in handling waste. These containers are even utilised by Forensics Police, Drug and Alcohol Units, and others in designing their lab benchtops or fitting out their drug and alcohol testing vehicles.

5. Non-medical

Most of the time, Sharpsafe containers are utilised in health-related applications. However, they can also be useful in non-medical settings like tattoo studios, med spas, bakers, beauty therapy centres, and many more. Some defining features of Sharpsafe containers that make them useful to these establishments include a small benchtop footprint, compliance with standards, cost-effectiveness, and space-saving.

6. Hospitals

Lastly, Sharpsafe containers can be very useful in hospitals. Hospitals use tons of sharp products. And once doctors and other healthcare practitioners are done with these items, they can discard them in these containers safely. Sharps waste products are discarded at the point of use, eliminating opportunities for needlestick injuries and other accidents.

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